Our 4-minute Promotional Film

Take a peak at our 4-min film all about Take 3..


What do you fish from the oceans?

It’s with great excitement that I bring to you the first in what we hope to become a series of short promotional films to bring awareness to the massive problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. In this first instalment the creative team at Treehouse Creative¬†create an image of a future where remarkable sea life have been lost to the scourge of plastic and marine enthusiasts are left to wonder in amazement at a new feature in our seas. A big thanks to Jason Van Genderen who shot, directed and edited this piece.

We ‘heart’ Surfrider Foundation..

At Take 3 we totally dig the massive efforts of the Surfrider Foundation, how could you not with their beautiful mantra, “dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.” Please support them by visiting their website here.

Here are some of the super cool videos they have produced to encourage us to ‘Rise Above Plastics’ for the sake of the oceans and wildlife and…you!

Bit of fun for all the family

Here are two very different clips about plastic bags, both making fun of a very serious situation. The final message is, plastic bags are the number one consumer item in the world and are causing major problems in the worlds oceans as too many are discarded. It’s estimated we use 16 million per day in Australia alone…the US has had estimates of one trillion being used per year and as little as 5% are being recycled.

Sign the petition to ban single use ultra thin plastic shopping bags in NSW, Australia here.

Tim’s TEDx talk from November 2011

I was so honoured and ecstatic to be given the amazing opportunity to give a talk at the recent TEDx talk in Newcastle.

For those of you not familiar with TED it is basically an interactive platform for people to share ideas in front of a live studio audience but it is also broadcast live around the world and then edited to become available to be downloaded.

Once you’ve watched the clip below feel free to delve deeper into the recesses of the TED vaults to watch talks by all sorts of inspiring people. Enjoy, but watch the clock…you might find it’s 2am before you’ve had enough!